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Default My Ravenous Rush 750

My Ravenous Rush 750
With the help of Scott, Bryan and the rest of the AleeS Team forum guys, this heli has been a joy to build from start to finish. The innovations Charley built into this heli kept me impressed with each step. When it came time to wiring it, I knew I had to do it justice.

Build Thread:

Since my earliest builds, I have always been very careful to isolate high current components (ESC, motor) from low current components (Receivers, gyros, servos antennas). Initially I thought that may be difficult with this build, but it turned out Charley had given me exactly what I needed, as usual.

Left Side

I was able to place the ESC right next to the motor and keep the ESC lines short. It was also important to me to be able to easily disconnect an ESC plug when I wanted to do setup. With this setup, I can easily pull any of the three lines.

ESC with wire disconnected

Also, if you notice, the canopy has a nice ventilation hole right on top and I made sure the ESC heat sink was right in the path of that air.


Ventilation hole in canopy

I made the battery connections a little too short on my Logo 600 build and I later had to lengthen them because they were getting stressed when I connected and disconnected them. On this heli, I was careful to use long natural curves that allow stress free connection and removal. It also makes it easy to move the batteries to adjust the CoG.

Right Side

When it came to mounting the VBAR and sensor, I needed a nice protected location to hide all the VBAR wiring and a nice stable location to tuck the VBAR sensor.

VBAR Wiring

I sheathed all the wires to protect them and used nylon ties to hold them in place. I also made a little riser for the VBAR wires to hold them in place without stressing them.
VBAR side view

Notice in the above pictures that I moved the front sat to the side a little on the front mount to make it easier to plug in the USB for setup. I moved it back for flight.

Front Sat centered

I was careful to put the sats at 90 angles from each other, far apart, and at locations where both could never be blocked by the heli at the same time.

Sat placement thread:

Rear Sat

The Elevator Servo and tail section were built to plan and required no additional thought.

Elevator Servo

Tail Section

The overall heli came out great and it fits right in as the Flagship of my fleet.

Flagship Heli


I had a scorpion Backup Guard tucked in under the ESC, but I will be replacing that with a capacitor pack or NiMH battery pack in the same location.

BEC Thread:

I will also most likely be upgrading the canopy mounts

Canopy Mount Thread:

Thanks Charley for a design well done! Building this was a blast and your team reps are awesome!


Sexy TREXY 500 Build:

Lovely Logo 400 Build:

Wiring Sheathing Tutorial:
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