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Originally Posted by backburner1955 View Post
Looks great Rick! I love the hidden wiring, looks like you took close looks at my build...

One little suggestion, use some fuel line, split it and CA it to the frame edges where the ESC leads pass the edge and where the packs sit on the lower frame edge.

Look closely, you can see black edge guard on my frame in those places. Just a little extra insurance. The ESC leads don't touch, but may vibrate a little and may touch, the packs sit on the straps, but this will keep the straps from cutting on the cf.

WOW! They are VERY similar. Actually I didn't look much at other peoples builds because designing the layout is a big part of the fun for me. I did ask around a bit for the sat locations because I couldn't find a good spot initially.

As far as the split tube for the ESC lines, mine are not close so I wasn't planning on protecting them, but it is a good idea and I will watch that area.

Under the batteries, I applied velcro to protect them from the frame. The side benefit from that is that it allows me to use the same battery in my TREX 600 if I want to.

Putting holes in the ESC heat sink was a nice touch. I hadn't considered that.

I had the BUG on the underside of the ESC. Where do you have yours?

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