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Default New 500 3D video!

Here is the video from Sunday with SCHC. Jason Chow is one of our best local pilots (I think well all be seeing more of him soon! ). My flying skills are coming along, but when Jason offered to put my build through its paces I could not resist!

Here is what he posted that night after the flight:

rob, i feel more and more how well of a setup logo you have. you did your research and you did it well. not only is much more reponsive, i would not touch the setup. it does not need more power, it does not need more cyclic or pitch. it doesn't need more of anything at this point other than batteries so you can fly it. im very happy for you and would love to see what you come up with next, if there is something else to be found!
Just a few more notes on the flight:

Since posting my build thread,, Ive made the following changes:

-Main blades changed from Rotortech 550mm to 560mm. This made the most significant difference and notably improved cyclic response. The 560mm blades are 19g lighter, have 2mm wider cord and slightly inward CG vs the 550s.

-Paddles changed from stock to 80mm V-paddles. Minimal flight differences, but they look cooler!:wink:

-Pinion changed from 16T to 15T. Im not great at collective management yet and with the 16T I would get some bogging. The motor and battery were also coming down a bit warmer than I liked and made me concerned for hot weather. With the 15T, Im getting 5:30 flights, putting back 3350mA, or a conservative 67%!, and the battery is 110 deg F. Now running 2250 HS.

On this flight, Jason flew 5:30, used 3634mA (73%) and the battery was 110 deg.


Right Click to Download Video:

Turn up the speakers

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