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Originally Posted by tshelby73 View Post
Wow, what a pain. Had to help a friend set up just to upgrade express. This is very complicated especially when your trying to help someone setup their Heli and you can't get logged into their account cause they are away from home and they can't remember their password. I had newer software so we couldn't even set it up. Thankfully we was able to remember login and was able to reset password. This added and hour to setup.
The days of simple firmware updates are over if you do not register your V-bar or forget your password.
The great part is once it is registered, it is just as easy as it was before, you just have to log in and get a key.

At least you get quality updates from Mikado and the crooked counterfeiters that steal software are going to find this very complicated for their junk that was copied because with out the firmware updates the fakebar owners do not get a free ride!

I have paid a lot of money to have my V-bars upgraded. I am happy Mikado put this protection in place.
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