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Originally Posted by rex700E View Post
Me personally would never pay any additional fees for someones elses sale and if they asked me to after the sale he would never hear from me again well he might but not in a nice way lol...
If you decide to sell an item and use the internet to sell it your going to have to pay fees very small fees but fees regardless and if you have to ask someone else to pay that for you, you probably shouldnt be in this hobby considering what items can cost.

Though i wouldn't ask the buyer to pay as gift, i recently sold my Goblin 630 (24 hours ago) and he paid via PayPal $850 shipped.

Everyone is busy thinking, it's a small fee get over it. I've never minded the $3-8 i've paid over the years but this was the more expensive item i've sold over the years and i just paid PayPal $25 in fee's + $66 to ship. So yeah the fee's add up depending on what you're selling.

It's not as simple as "simple fee's". I find the 3% is pretty high considering i process credi cards for less (half that) via my business. It cost me almost $100 to sell this Goblin. Cost of selling? sure but let's not ignore the high 3% when considering high priced items and how it can impact the real amount the seller is really making back.

I took a huge loss on this Goblin considering it was new, never flown. I forgot that paypal fee's were so high so at times i can understand why some may ask for their fee's to be covered IF the buyer wants to pay via paypal, especially when other payment options may be offered. I don't usually accept PayPal but the guy had 100+ positive feedback so i took the hit simply to feel safe about my deal.

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