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Originally Posted by Breezyjr View Post
Wait.. time out... what does you paying for shipping have to do with your small $25 paypal fee? Shipping was almost triple your fees... Why didn't you have the buyer pay shipping charge? Take shipping out of the equation and your fee for this expensive heli was a mere $25 out of $850, which means you made $825... not bad.

So, don't blame paypal for paying "almost $100 to sell" YOU paid for shipping...

no where was i blaming PayPal. Read carefully before you jump down my throat. I was speaking of the heavy handed percentage fee's. They seem like nothing on a $100 sale. Bring the sale up to $1000 and it's some serious fee's.

I laughed at your "small $25 paypal fee". This isn't small. I was speaking as a total of what i paid after shipping and paypal fee's. What is with people and assuming everyone blames PayPal for everything? I've had a business account with PayPal since the day they first started. I'm one of their first customers.

$150 fee to buy a $5000 jet copter? Yeah small fee alright. My 1.8% credit card processing fee's should not be cheaper then PayPal.

Here, just in case you think i'm blaming some how again. I'm not blaming PayPal. I've actually paid very heavily and paid my dues to them over the many years. I was simply talking about how when someone selling an item accounts for shipping costs + the paypal fee's they will pay it adds up. nothing more

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