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Default My comedy of errors.

I have only been flying CP helis since last October. Started with the 450 3d. I had my first 3 crashes due to inept flying skills. Just when I thought things were progressing my mechanical ineptitude kicks in.

3 more crashes in 3 weeks. I just thought I would mention what I learnt.

If your boom has slipped and you adjust belt tension then really give a good shove on the boom to make sure that the boom is not slipping. Use tape or any other method to ensure slippage does not reoccur before flying. Uncontrolled piros are not fun.

If you regularly parallel charge do continue to check each batterys voltage individually before flying. Don't assume because they were always fully charged in the past that they are now. Hitting LVC while in the air is not fun.

If after hitting LVC and landing hard and you think your elevator servo may have stripped gears, do not be afraid to move the servo arms by hand to determine gear status. Gently holding the arm while moving the elevator servo via the transmitter does not necessarily apply as much force as the heli under flight.

If after incorrectly determining that your elevator servo is not stripped ( not even partially ), do not after initially hovering low and close in suddenly go out 50 yards and 60 feet high only to realise that the elevator servo is infact foobarred and watch your baby plummet into the hard packed snow.
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