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i came inside from flying (hovering) my 450 today and i happened to notice somewhat faint black streaks on the stock tail blades. They looked like dirt but they wouldn't come off when i tried to rub them off. I don't think they're cracks because i haven't hit anything with it (knock on wood). perhaps it could be something as a result of me flying in about 20 degree weather.

anyone got any ideas, and know if this is a problem? im not sure if they would show up in a pic, they're not that noticeable, i wanna just make sure i don't end up crashing unexpectedly from this.
Not a problem. It's factory grease from the thrust bearings in the tail blade grips being flung out. Mine does it, too. When it stops streaking, you might want to tear the tail down and re-grease those thrust bearings. Just like a full scale heli...if it stops leaking oil or hydraulic fluid, service it because the reservoirs are empty!

Windex or anything that cuts grease will clean those streaks right up.
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