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Wow John that didnt turn up to bad. For those of you watching the vid that john posted up it was me that was flying it and it was only my second flight with this chopper and coming from a T600n and T600e this machine is amazing the cyclic control is insane in particular the roll rate. As john also mentioned that entire flight was only flowin in idle up 1 mode one which is setup with a little less HeadSpeed hence why the tictocs looked a little funny due to the deteriation of headspeed as the first flights tictocs were smick cause i was in idle up 2 but even in idle up 1 the machine still has heaps of power and response and all on a 4900 6s flightpower. The thing that grabs me about the johns logo is that you can fly it really sedate or fly it like a 3d demon and not have to change anything its simly brilliant. Damb you john, anyone want to sell me their logo 500, thanks for the fly john will have to do it again !
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