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I think you must fly at a AMA dedicated site and join there club in order to get the insurance. Even then it is secondary to all other insurance policies that you may have including your home owners and auto insurance. If you fly at a dedicated field and like the club scene then it is fine, if you dont then you better be extra safe! I fly at a local baseball field however if even one person is there outside my family, I do not fly. If anyone comes up, I land immediately and do not fly again until all is clear. I hate the club scene and just cant do it, plus I dont like 20 people watching me fly, it makes me nervous. Flown airplanes since 1994 without a single incident, I do know it only takes one however. I am new to helis and being extra safe in this new endevor. I will quite the hobby before I do the club scene again, it is just not for me for many different reasons that would require a thread all its own.
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