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Default mCPx pitching backwards

I have seen a few post with this, and no answer...Just seeing if anything new has come up.

With new battery, heli is fully controllable, nice hover...can even take hands off sticks. After a few minutes of flight, it starts to pitch backwards, slowly at first, then I counter, it straightens for a second then pitches again when I stop the input to push forward. There does not seem to be a way to stop it...It gets so bad and fast that I cannot keep it in the air.
I have tried disconnecting the battery and re connecting to reset things...will still pull back...Tried a new battery, same thing...Only leaving it sit for a while makes it work again, and only for a short time, and everything starts over.
I removed all the blades and run the heli at a little over half throttle in Standard mode. Little by little the pitch moves forward (yes...forward without the blades). If I lift the heli and move it from side to side... the gyro kicks in and tries to straighten as would be expected, but it continues to gain forward pitch.

I have checked my transmitter and there is NO trim set.
And it hasn't always been like this...just started a couple of weeks or so ago.
I just don't want to buy a board, and it does the same thing

Thanks Steve
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