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Default Canopy and Fuselage

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The question of a fuselage had been posted on this tread a few times from reading the various forums.

I just happen to have a beta release if anyone is still interested. I've been using basic card stock paper from Staples, spray paint, lacquer to stiff'n her up and that resultant better coat of color ... and box tape as a laminate.

It definately will take a beating and for the price ... well face it, you can afford to dress her up a little bit from time to time. I honestly believe that this also offers a little more support for the tail boom. After shattering a couple of these I was well ready to try something.

I chose this method initially because I wanted to create my own "wet slick" decals for tail numbers and decoration ... and secondly not have to worry about ink bleeding from wet photo finish paper.
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