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Originally Posted by LL-Cool-T View Post
Im trying to put the AR8000 into failsafe mode using the AR8000rx...I can manually put it in because I programmed a switch to do I need to make it work when I turn off my DX7...HELP !!! Thank You.
Place your radio switches so they are or would be in failsafe mode and leaving throttle at 50%. Leave it off or now turn off your radio.

Next, insert your bind plug into the rx. Power on the rx/naza. After 2-3secs remove your bind plug from the rx.

Now, turn on your radio holding the bind switch and bind to the rx like your normally would but now with your radio "in" the failsafe position.

After it binds, power off the rx and place your radio switches back to "normal".

Power cycle your radio and power on your rx/naza.

Lastly, check and verify in the naza assistant that when you turn off your radio it enters failsafe before you go test fly!!!.
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