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Hi Folks,

I have been working on two canopy designs using CorelDraw11, so they are Vector drawings. I have made a few now and they aren't perfect but they almost are :-)

Because they are vector files it is possible to easily edit them, add detail, designs, and adjust the geometry and size of them.

I don't really know which other applications could open and edit a CorelDraw file. I have tried in the saving CorelDraw files in other formats like Adobe Illustrator or Autocad format files or exporting them....but haven't had much luck with it.

Corel Draw is a great package but it is a bit retarded in places...Alwayse has been

If anybody is interested I can probably post the files somehow but I am not sure how to do that exactly.

Standby for some pictures of my efforts...Probably......They are a little sketchy and not the PRO results that come together sweetly in my mind's-eye :-)

I am quite prowd of them as I not naturally neat tidy and crafty, essential skills when making these things. If I don't glue myself to EVERYTHING in the manufacturing process its a result!

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