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Originally Posted by dunkonu23 View Post
Also please remember--the links are directional. The side with the larger hole goes on the ball first. They'll be a tight fit at first (as in really tight), but as you fly more the links wear in where you can pop them on by hand.

Todd's got a cool way to put links on using a tool I wouldn't have thought of. I'll let him share that with you. He showed me via Facetime just before Birmingham.

Can't wait to see Eric's video!

It is pretty simple. I just take a link tool and line the slot up parallel to the bottom of the link, with the round part across the back of loop end of the link. Then I just push on the handle of the link tool with the flat of my hand. Much easier on the thumbs than trying to push them on bare handed. A 4MM box end works for this as well

I can shoot a video if y'all need me to

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