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Originally Posted by Jotto View Post
I'm setting up the governor on a Mezon 90. One thing is a bit confusing: MinRpm vs MaxRpm.

Is this determined by the input throttle signal so that 100% throttle yields the MaxRpm and 1% throttle yields the MinRpm?
My Mezon 90 is set to fixed endpoints 1.10 and 1.90. I also use constant rpm gov mode.

In my radio I simply set my throttle curve to zero. Armed my motor on the bench with no blades installed. I then set my throttle to mid stick and slowly increased that point on my curve until the motor engaged. It then governed at my "low rpm" setting, so I locked in that value on my throttle curve as a flat curve (in my case 20%). Whatever you have programmed in the Mezon for "max rpm" will be achieved with a 100% curve.

Less than 100% will give you a value between your min and max (just run it and watch your Profi and you'll know what it is).

I have my min/max set to 2500/2700 and my throttle curve is 20% on idle 1 and 70% on idle 2 which gives me 2500 and 2650 respectively.
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