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I'm thinking of buying a dx8. Question: On my dx6i, the flight mode switch is on the top, but the one closest to me. The back one, Trainer, is the farther (and larger) switch. However, what I'd prefer is that the big switch be the idle up, since it's more important, like the TH HOLD switch on right/back is. I can't tell from the documentation ( ), but can I assign switches like I want? Thanks -- matt

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The DX-8 allows you to decide which one of 4 SETS OF THR/PIT CURVES will be used in determining what THR/PIT values are being transmitted.
3 of these sets you select by flipping the F-mode switch (Norm, IU1 and IU2)
The 4th set is the TH set and by flipping the TH switch to 1 (on), this set overrides any set choosen with the f-mode switch.
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