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Default Tips for using Spektrum telemetry logging

I've been doing a bit of work analysing spektrum telemetry log files, both my own and other peoples that have been posted online.
Based on what i can see most people are unaware of some of the idosynchrocies of spektrums implementation, which leads to spurious and unwanted data being recorded in the logs, increasing log file sizes and placing unwanted overheads on the radio when writing the data.

So i thought I'd post a few tips to help telemetry users minimise the overheads and manage the telemetry logging more efficiently.

1. Curently data is only written to SPEKTURM.TLM regardless of any file names set in individual models.

2. The log file is cumulative so data for each model and flight is added to the end of the file for every flight, leading to extreamly large files unless the user manually deletes it, so transfer your files from the SD card to another device and delete from the SD card regularly.

3. Most seem to have the telemetry logging set to start logging by default, this means that data starts being logged the moment the telemetry unit is active, logging loads of data prior to the flight actually starting. You can allocate a TX switch to trigger the logging, so you can activate/deactivate it when you wish and avoid logging potentially irrelevent and spurious data while your model is carried to the flight line or on the bench.

4. Most people seem to be leaving the standard options for RX, RPM, Voltage and Temperature active in the telemetry setup in the radio regardless of whether they have the sensor connected or not, This leads to irrelevent data being written to the log, so configure the TX telemetry screen to only contain the sensors that you have physically connected for each model.

Hope this helps
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