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Ive been using it for close to 3 years now.Most of what your saying is true.Once you have the default file being created you can force it to break off and create a new file if you rename the file on the card.Once it gets renamed on the card the radio ignores it and creates a new file.
I definitely use a switch to activate it.By default it is shut off and it needs to be enabled anyway.
Its evolving and as updates come out things get changed slightly to make it work better for us.My 18 has all the selections in the menu Inh by default so you have to actually select what your using and not worry about Inh the defaults.Stuff like that I think will become common across all AW radios.
Once you use it for awhile it becomes a necessity.Good stuff.
Theres alot of little tricks Ive learned.Ill try to add them on as I remember them and stuff gets tweaked to work more like we want it to.Spektrum does listen to the users and make changes when necessary to adjust to how we are using it.

Dont forget about the log reader.Its coming along pretty good and will end up being really nice IMO.It works good now and gets better all the time.
Im not spamming an ad for the guy or anything but I support him best I can.The 10 bucks is a drop in the bucket for his efforts.I grateful for the option and an alternative to the apple thing.Hes a user like we are and is mostly just doing it for the sake of the community even if he did start it for his personal use.Hes not paid by SPM in any way although he is a HH team pilot.Another noble effort IMO.
Ill try to keep this going and we can add stuff here and there.There is a distinct learning curve to using it all.Thanks for starting it Kevin.
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