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Originally Posted by TomQ View Post

I appreciate what has been done but I think it is really stretching definitions to call liftbag's quad a mQX brushless conversion when the only truly stock part is the 4-in-1 board, even the frame has been modified.

The mQX is composed of a 4 in 1 board, a frame, four booms, four brushed motors with the related motor mounts and propellers.
If you want to go brushless you have to replace the motors with motor mounts and propellers and add four brushless ESCs.

You can go with geared-down or direct transmission.
My first attempt with geared-down transmission was not satisfactory, therefore I follow the Dylan/hotshot888 way, with direct transmission motors.

So I do not see why my quad cannot be called a brushless converted mQX
Or, I wonder how one could imagine a brushless converted mQX?
I doing something wrong?

Anyway, I agree with hotshot888: the board is what makes it an mQX.
For instance, with a real multicopter board you can do very fast flips while the mQX flips slowly, even with super motors
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