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Originally Posted by ragge1 View Post
no I mean the logging , how to activate , save , upload to the pc
In the telemetry menu at the bottom select and click on Settings and then select and click on File Settings.You will get to the menu to enable logging and select a means to activate it. When you have telemetry up and running in a model and you activate it there will be a little icon on the mainscreen that is SD with a little scrolling thing to show it is logging.
You must have an SD card in the radio.A file will be created on the SD card in the root folder labeled SPEKTRUM.TLM
Then there are various ways to access it,move it,rename it etc.
Depending on what radio you are using the default filename may be the modelname.TLM or you can modify the name of the file that gets created and logged to.On the 8 it is still SPEKTRUM.TLM only and it cant be renamed before getting logged. On the 10t it creates a different file per modelname or you can create a custom name and log to different files for different models.
I kind of expect all the radios will end up with this scheme with future updates.

Once you have the files on your card or copied to your PC you can do one of 2 things with them.
1) Email them to yourself or use a dropbox type thing and then access them with an iDevice and open them with theapple Sti app.
2) Get the robo-software viewer and open them directly from the card or your PC.
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