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Many thanks to Mr Mel for these great videos. They helped me setup three V-Bar systems without almost any problems...

Well, I had one annoying problem left: my Trex 600N would sometimes exhibit a fast tail shake on the way out of large fast loops.

By reading the tuning guide and watching the Advanced tail tweak episode 5, it turns out the only change needed was to modify P and I gain from their default values 80 and 60. By changing these to 75/75 and reducing pre-comp as the video suggests, with no other changes, (i) I got rid of the occasional fast tail shake, and (ii) it also holds even better during fast pitch pumps.

The only reason I haven't done this sooner is I didn't want to mess with a pretty good setup by changing these somewhat intimidating advanced parameters. I can't think of anything else that needs tweaking at the moment, but I'll be less worried about delving into the advanced parameters now
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