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Default VBar 5.3.4 Pro Not Compatible With MKS DS1210 Servos

Hi folks,

I just upgraded from VBar 5.3.1 Pro to 5.3.4 Pro, and my front two servos on my Logo 500 stopped responding. Interestingly the elevator servo does work, even though all three are MKS DS1210 servos bought at the same time. Attached is a video showing the issue:

VBar 5.3.4 Bug With MKS DS1210 Servos (0 min 54 sec)

After making the video I downgraded to 5.2.4 Pro (5.3.1 Pro is no longer available) and all three servos started working again. None of the cables are loose and these tests were done five minutes apart from each other with no setup changes.

I suspect that whatever fixes Mikado made in 5.3.4 for Savox compatibility broke some MKS servos in the process.

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