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Default New Spektrum telemetry log viewer application

Over the past few of months, I've had a bit of time on my hands, so thought I'd have a go at writing a Windows based Spektrum Telemetry log reader as none was currently available, half way through the project after spending hours analysing the data, the RoboSoftware app appeared and I thought should I continue or not. I made the decision to carry on, as most of the hard work had been done and it was just a matter of coding it.

The first cut of the app is now complete and tested with the data that i have on hand and currently supports all sensors except Vario and Jetcat, so if anyone would like to have a play with it and comment,make suggestions or highlight errors, especially if you have data available for airspeed, altitude, current and PowerBox sensors, you can download it from here:-

Its a java based Windows app, so if you have a Windows 32 bit java runtime environment 1.6 or later installed on your machine, you should just have to unpack the zip and double click the TelemetryReader.jar file, if it fails to start you probably don't have a java runtime environment installed and will need to install the appropriate Windows 32 bit JRE for your environment from here :-

In addition its only been tested on XP and Vista as thats all I have available, so if anyone has issues with Windows 7 or 8 let me know, you may also be able to get it to run on Windows 7/8 by changing the compatibility options to XP/Vista. Another issue is the file associations for java may be incorrect in Windows 7 / 8, so if you have the JRE installed, try opening a command window and move to the directory where you unpacked the jar and type javaw -jar TelemetryReader.jar

Once the app is started, use File->Open menu to open a .TLM file, once you get the little green light telling you the file has loaded, select a model and session from the drop down box.

The app will display a list of tabs showing which sensors you have configured and selecting the tab will display the data if any is available. Note just because you see a tab for a particular sensor doesn't mean you have data, it just means you've configured it in the radio.

You can change displayed units of the data by selecting either the Metric or Imperial option from the Units menu.

Selecting either Tabular or Graphical radio buttons within the view will change the current view displayed to either a table or graph of the data.

When you exit the program the current units and view type will be saved and used next time you open the application as will the current directory.

The graph data is generated using a third party library, swt-xy-graph,
The graphs contains a number of buttons at the top that allow you to zoom and highlight the data etc, the following video gives a quick overview of the features available.

XYGraphDemo (2 min 40 sec)

Within the zip file is a TelemetryAppIcon file which contains an icon that you can associate with a shortcut if you wish.

I had fun writing it so hope you like it as much as I do.

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