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Originally Posted by cyjonz View Post
This is the one I bought. It has the 600 boom. This is a great heli! T-REX 550E DFC Combo W/O 3GX RH55E02X0 Review(s)Your Price: $724.99 I was first thinking 500 but the 550 is a lot bigger and I can use my 3s lipos that I use in my 450 if I want, and down the road when I buy some 6s I would be able to use those in a 700 if I want to get a bigger bird. Just my 2 cents worth. GOOD LUCK!

How do you use the 3s lipos from the 450? Do you put 4 in at once? In a 2s2p configuration?

To the OP:
I would recommend getting a 550. But I have never flown a 500 - I went from a 450 to a 550. The 550 is really a 6s variant of a 600 size heli whereas the 500 is really a big-brother of a 450.
The one piece of advice that annoyed me but was absolutely correct was to get a decent charger. I stuffed around for ages with a 50W charger. 5000mAh 6s packs took over 3 hours each to charge. I now have a decent 1350W charging setup and can charge 6x 5000mAh 6s packs in around half an hour total It's insane. But I don't miss out on flying time because I don't have uncharged packs any more.
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