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Starting to realize how lucky I got on my first Blade purchase. My Original V1 MCPX was a dream come true. The used one I just got off of the for sale forum has put me here searching this thread. Swash tilt problem.

Since I had a MCPX already since before my join date I figured I no longer needed this thread. LOL. Seems me and my new to me MCPX V1 board are getting off on the wrong foot.

Swash tilts right much like the bad 130x firmware issue that can be fixed with sub trim. Only sub trim does not fix this on this bird. Cleaned the servo's, Tried a rebind 6 Times, sub trim and different packs. Checked for Vibes and also stripped the bird right down and checked EVERYTHING! Now thinking servo swap. And another rebind.

If that don't fix it I will re-flow my 3in1. Seems to be a voltage issue as it comes and goes during flight. Might also be a broken trace.
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