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Originally Posted by dcaccount View Post
I can't not decide between a 550 and 500. What are in your opinion the pros and cons of ech model?
The 500-size flies like a beefed up 450. Compared to the 450 size, the 500 size is more stable, has more presence, auto-rotates better, and does not feel like a toy. However, compared to bigger helicopters, the 500 uses slower micro servos and auto-rotation is best left to more experienced pilots.

The 550 size feels like a scaled down version of a 700, but with the simplicity of operating on 6S. Compared to the 500 size, the 550 uses standard size servos, auto-rotates much easier, and has more room to run wires neatly.

Originally Posted by dcaccount View Post
Then, talking about the 550 what is the latest version, I shall consider?
Align offers a good bang for the the buck, and parts are readily available from multiple vendors. However, it seems that the latest kit releases from other companies have been designed from the ground up as strictly electric and FBL, without legacy components and parts that may affect optimal FBL geometry and COG.
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