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Default Advice between 500EFL and 550e

I bought a 500 because I got a good deal on a box of parts I then added to to build mine. Compared to my friends 450 and my old 130x and mcpx the 500 looked massive and although it does fly great (dfc head but since it isn't a 550 I'm sure it's a whole different ball game so I'm not claiming any knowledge about the 550 dfc) I have really been thinking of upgrading to a 550. By no means do I have the money to just go out and buy one so id have to sell my 500 and slowly put a 550 together... In short, I like my 500 a lot, but every time I see a 550 it makes me realize that 550+ is a whole different class of helicopters... And although the 500 is a LOT bigger than a 450, the difference from 500-550 is just as much if not more.
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