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Not so sure it's related to the shakes, but I have had slop issues with the inner swash on the mCPx. Specifically, on some there is a lot of vertical play between the inner and outer swash I pull up and down. Some of this is simply slop in the swash bearing and there is nothing to be done about it. On some swashes I've seen, however, there is also slop in the molded plastic part that snaps through the inner bearing race (the inner swash arms/balls are on top and there is a lip on the bottom that, after being pushed through the bearing, is supposed to be up against the bottom of the inner race. I've seen some that are relatively tight/slop free and others that seem to have maybe 0.5mm or so vertical play.

On the ones that have this slop I have found that I can take some dental floss and tie it tightly just above the top of the inner race. When you pull it tight, it sucks into the gap and gets rid of the slop which makes the swash much more "connected".

Hopefully the images below will make it clear what I mean. The 1st image is a sketch to illustrate the technique. The 2nd is a photo of the floss in place and shows the knot (looks bad but doesn't cause any problems. The 3rd is a photo that shows the opposite side where the floss is nicely sucked into the gap. I have used just one wrap with a tightly tied double knot and then trim the loose ends to about 1/16-1/8".

I find that mint floss works the best, hence the green color........
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