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Originally Posted by MrMel View Post
RX pack, yes.

Check the sticky threads for my videos, they should cover most of what you need.
Hello sir - just wanted to come back and say thank you for your help on this thread and especially for all of your videos! Priceless info on those for sure! When I had first posted with my frustration about connecting the vbar I was clueless and no idea what I was doing. (still really dont) But with your videos and help from others, namely taosgraveyard, I have learned so much about my vbar and YGE controller, gov etc. I still have so much to learn but I think I have them setup well enough to fly - we'll see very shortly! I still need to find someone willing to look over my settings and double check them before I maiden my Goblin 630.

But I was a completely green noob in every sense of the meaning, never had built or setup a heli & electronic system and with your videos I was able to figure it out & learn. THANK YOU!
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