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I brought my old netbook with me to the field for some 450Pro tail tuning, and it went pretty well.

First I went back to default I/P-gain 80/60 from MrMel's suggested 75/75, all other tail values set to default as well. Then I adjusted overall gain just below where it started to wag during FFF. This ended up at 75.

Then I worked on Precomp, bit by bit, had to go up to 31 from default 22. I did not go so far I had to back down again. This worked much better with my powerful battery, a Pulse 45C, which is why I had to start this process in the 1st place.

After Precomp tuning I had a small wag after offloading the disk which I got rid of by reducing I-gain from 60 to 55, and I had to back down overall gain from 75 to 70 to get rid of FFF wag that had come back. I can still push the tail out 60 degrees or so with sudden max torque pitch pump, and I was able to do the same doing very fast sideways loops with almost max aileron cyclic, but these maneuvers were more extreme than I would otherwise do except for these tuning/testing flights. A little more conservative tic-tocs and the tail was rock solid, much better than before I started the re-tuning process necessitated by a these couple of new batteries.

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