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Originally Posted by KiloXray View Post
I am interested in this. I paint Lexan RC car bodies using the Faskolor paints and an airbrush. I'm looking forward to seeing how you get the paint off of the stocker.

Does anyone else make clear canopy as a base?

Im going to go ahead and strat a seperate thread about this, so we can stay on topic in this one.
Well, I'm going to strip the paint off just like any other r/c car body - I'm using a butt load of oven cleaner spray, and a huge gladware casserole plastic container. It should also dissolve the glue that holds the windshield and the two halves of the canopy. The fun part is going to be putting it all back together after it's painted.

I see that the two 450X logo stickers will come off, so I'll save those. I'll mask a stencil for the Blade logo and paint that from the inside.

Here's my photochop concept art (probably seen here before) - a red dragon scale pattern -

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