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I'm no expert but based on this thread...

...from a couple weeks ago, I would infer that the 1.08 update is optional with the older Compass can but prudent to apply in the case of the replacement can or current production.

I didn't know the HK-2520-1360 shared the same issues as a "new can" Compass but it seems reasonable - specs look similar if not identical.

I didn't think I had much of a choice since I had a Koby 1.07 and "new can" Compass. I harbor a guilty secret of wondering if I would have preferred the "sack full of ball bearings tossed in a wood chipper" start up / spool down of the old can but I don't have the option. Mine, alas, will merely be quiet and work as intended.

At the end of the day, 1.08 won't hurt unless you get hit with one of those North Texas tornadoes in the middle of the process. You don't even need to invoke the "Nintendo game controller" mode of the Progdisc unless you want to mess about with other Koby settings.

I tried to go directly from update to programming and it fussed at me - just like the manual said it would - it has to be disconnected from the PC to use Nintendo mode.

Since you're going to have 1.08 anyway you'll have your choice of cans.

...that didn't sound right, now did it?

The only other random observation I would offer is that the Progdisc comes with a USB cable that's actually long enough to be usable with an installed ESC - not the 2" long version provided with a FBL controller I won't name. Little things like that impress me.

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