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Originally Posted by heathy View Post
So your saying I can get my mates prog disc, and simply plug it into my koby and update the firmware without the need to stand on one leg while holding said disc on its head?

Pretty much.

I plugged in the USB, soldered a connector to the Koby, connected the Koby to the Progdisc, plugged in the battery and stuff pretty much started happening on its own once I clicked on the 1.08 executable.

I had personal reasons to invoke the game controller mode for BEC output but that is, I would guess, mostly optional.

Or, not to put too fine a point on it, why would you not update the ESC if you have an easy way of doing so? I personally wouldn't buy a Progdisc for the Koby 55 but it was already on hand for a Kosmik 200.

Retroactive purchase justification - gotta love it.
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