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Originally Posted by RichKnapp View Post
Wife is talking about getting me a Airbrush set up. But that a lot of money and we don't have any area in house to do it.

As far as speed? It helps I don't work and can putts around on it all day when I'm not working out.
An airbrush setup can be very simple and pretty affordable. No need for mineral spirits the best paint out there is waterbased these days. Wicked colors by Createx are really easy to use and just water clean up. Rinsing your brush with brush cleaner when done is always good practice. No harmful fumes. I paint in a really small area like a small card table in the corner. That still may be to large for ya since I don't know your place.

A great place to get an affordable compressor is Harbor Freight. That is all that I use and it was like $70. My airbrush is an Iwata HP-BS but you can get an airbrush at Harbor Freight too. Another good place to order from is Coastal Airbrush. They have great combo deals. I just wanted to offer up some of my tips.
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