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Originally Posted by GravityBlows View Post
Rich, see if you can find a local flying field to join. Should be some privacy there to fly and more than likely, nice guys to give you some pointers. I myself would NEVER fly around other people with a 450 size. The liability factor is HUGE. People (kids) are incredibly interested in RC anything..and don't realize how dangerous it could potentially be. Im a safety nerd as I seen my father take off 2 of his knuckles with a heli when I was smaller. Be careful and don't give up....we all crash. Try and keep it close (less than 50ft away) tail in for a while. Till you get "the feel" of the bigger machine. Keep at it buddy, I know youll get it. Its a great feeling when it all finally comes together! I have a feeling it will be a great summer for you bud...KEEP IT UP!
Thanks G/B
We were the only ones there at first other than baseball practice on the next field behind us.
I wasn't any closer than 50' from the little boy or CopterGuy even though it looks closer. I don't like flying like that myself. I have 2 another sites with more room and no moving targets. We only went there because of all the rain and the other places being soggy for my chair. I have them very small thin wheels for on stage.

This was a exception. We wanted a morning test flight seen as we both just rebuild our heli's, before going up to Green Bay to fly. This area was only 5 mins from our houses as far as going home for any tweaks that needed to be off the field and at home, before heading up to Green Bay.
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