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Originally Posted by RichKnapp View Post
This looks worse than it was. I have it all fixed but the main gear and main shaft plus servo gears. I need to order them. Very cheep crash.
Lost a ball link arm (had parts to build one), stripped 2 servos gears (order them), main blades (have 2 more balance pairs), boom (had 2 more), feathering shaft (had a spare), main gear (order them), main shaft (order them).

Canopy? rebuild.
Landing gear- fine
frame- fine
everything from frame back other than boom- fine
blade grips- fine
Awesome Rich - the back of the tail looked bad - glad to hear that you can rebuild that sweet bird of yours. I'm kinda, in a way, glad I don't have a wife anymore. After taking pics, she'd laugh at me all the way home - and laugh at me many weeks later . . .

BTW - I subbed you on your youtube page hoss!
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