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Originally Posted by night wolf d View Post
A hot ESC can be caused by to low a head speed if you run your heli in IU and its getting to hot to touch check your gear mesh isn't to tight and keep a close eye your Esc just In case it failing.
If your ESC is alright an external BEC is another option you could try instead of replacing your stock ESC , then your ESC is supplying power for the motor only.
Either a Yep or CC ESC would work ,I believe most use the CC Ice lite 50a with good results and now its superseded you may be able to pick one up cheeper!
The 12t will give you better flight time for sure and if your interested in a Bec I'll let you know how mine goes when I get it , install it and try it out.
KX is using stock Esc (I believe),H450, mg servos with an external Bec you could ask him how's its going?
Close. I run the stock ESC, stock 440 motor, MKS DS92A+ cyclics, MKS DS95i tail, and a Polaris Gryphon BEC.

I have not noticed any temp issues at all with this set up. I also fly in high temps here in Cent Am.

I do intend to go to the H450 if and when my 440 poops out on me. Likely I'll also add a Castle Ice or Phoenix when that happens as well, just to get the governor.
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