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Not sure what you mean. BX IS designed for both. At the field, you choose between the 4 or 5 preset values for each parameter. If you want fine-tuning at the field or not, choose the user-defined option for the parameter you want to fine-tune and use USB to make the finest adjustments. Once you set your user-defined values, you can still choose between them and the 4 or 5 preset values for each parameter at the field back and forth without a laptop.

In contrast, 3GX has some parameters only accessible thru' USB. And worst, things like tail-precomp I had to run full 100% and it's just barely enough for the 450 Pro with good tail servo and good mechanical setup while after switching to BX with the same mechanical and servo setup, "normal" is perfect already. Need no "high" setting. If I really want to fine-tune it more, I can set to user-defined and use PC to change the user-defined value a few % at a time. Most of the default settings on the BX are pretty close to optimal and the ranges of adjustments are good. With 3GX especially v3.1, default settings are way too tame. Bumping them to improve response could result in freaking out 3GX.
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