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Red face help with YGE Vbar ready ESC & mini Vbar *Update*

Wow not like this has been asked a million times. I have a newer version 90LV YGE that came with my Logo 500SX combo kit. It has the main throttle lead and the slave lead. The slave lead has the orange signal lead(not sure this is what it is) coming off of it. The orange signal lead is by itself in a servo style connector. So

1. Does this single wire lead go to the RXA slot on the Mini Vbar? I have the throttle lead on RXB and the slave lead on the RXC.

2. I have watched the videos but still not sure of the order from here. Is it program the ESC and then Vbar? Should it be hooked up to the Vbar before or after programming the YGE.

3. What is this special tone the YGE gives off when programmed for Vbar ? It sounds like if you don't get it then it will not work.

4. Any tips for making this as easy as some people suggest. Just not sure of what order to do things in.

Thanks Guys
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