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Don't want to get to cocky but I think I might have figured it out. I checked the requested head speed after watching Mr Mels vids and I got almost what I programmed in. The 3rd wire coming off the slave cable does go in the RX A side. I guess it just cant have any juice supplied to it. I was surprised how high the throttle curves where though. I am used to 70 on my Kontronik ESC's. I will test it out tomorrow and see what all the hype is about. Been flying mostly Kontronik with mode 4 for almost 3 years now. Before that it was stock Align. (ya I know). I hope it is good as everyone says and I hope I did it right. It works per Mr Mels video. Getting 2114 on 100% throttle when I programmed in 2100. Wish me luck. Anything I need to know?
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