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Originally Posted by night wolf d View Post
Your 450mx is closer in specification to th EfliteHeli H450 brushless outrunner motor ,3600Kv 6 pole 82grms 3.5A @10v 40A continuous 55A max burst ,Input Watts ;610.
This motor works really well on the B450x geared on a 12t or 13t pinion.
The Eflte 1360H 440 weights 68grms.
Thx a lot! When using 12 or 13T pinon, do you run governor then or just 100% flat?

Part no for those pinions?

With Lynx helical gear, where could I get pinions for that? I see Lynx have 12-13-14 for 3.17mm shaft - is that what the MX has? (sorry, at work, and couldn't find info online)
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