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Originally Posted by cyclo View Post
I decided to fix it a while ago... took about 10 minutes by just adjusting the links from the swash to the blade grip of one blade which was off by 1.5 degrees.

Here are the steps I took:

1. Removed 2 wires out of three from the motor to prevent it from running with the lipo connected to the ESC.
2. Set my Tx to IU2 then set the collective at mid stick (0 pitch).
3. Set the blades perpendicular to the boom.
4. Set my digital pitch gauge to zero using the top of the AR7200BX as base.
5. Align the offending blade to 0 degrees pitch by adjusting the link.
I do that for a simple tune-up.

But how's that going to tighten up blade tracking? You lost me hoss.
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