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Originally Posted by Allen_H View Post
Yup it is...Its best if you have a piece of colored tape around one of the blade tips and spool it up in a steady eye level hover. Then from there you can see if one of the blades is not lining up with the other when they are rotating. If they are not set it down and adjust one of the blade grip links by one turn and repeat until they do. If the taped blade is riding higher than the blade with no tape you would need to tighten the taped blade link. And if the taped blade is riding lower than the other blade you would need to loosen the link to the taped blade.

Okay. that makes sense. It sounds easier than bending blade roots under hot water to bring them up or down - wow, now I'm loving my 450X more than ever.

Thanks for the tip hoss - I gotta see your 550X in action. That's another story, if you posted a video . . . .

Many thanks!
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