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Originally Posted by hemp View Post
The phone doesn't touch my heli. If you would take a minute to digest what you read before attacking it you might actually learn something. I'm about done trying to help you out - being mocked by someone who has no idea what they're talking about isn't very rewarding.

Now try to pay attention...

The analog pitch gauge attaches to a main blade. I set it at zero degrees and set my Tx at zero degrees (mid-stick). Then I use the DigiPitch app which utilizes the camera and the accelerometers in the phone to provide a level line and an angle measurement. I zero that based on the intersection of the frame and main shaft. From there I can get an exact angle of either blade at mid stick, full negative, and full positive.

It would be much easier with an RCLogger digital pitch gauge - but I'm waiting for their new Lite model to hit stores.

BTW - there are people who attach their phones to the blades and zero them that way. It's not a method I use, but I wouldn't mock it without trying it first. And I'm not sure what point you're trying to make about iPhones but the fact that they're made in China is supremely irrelevant. Pretty much everything is made somewhere in Asia, including most of your heli.
Dude - get off your iPhone and re-read the manual. Your smitten device is not by any means better than the beast x.

Please re-read the manual. It says nowhere to use phones on it. I have a leveler on my phone too. I'd never use it on something like this. That's completely stupid.

Discussion over.

And yes, Taiwan and China are many miles apart, and they truly are different countries.
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