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Originally Posted by Groucho_ View Post
Come again?

I want to do this (I've already got two simsticks and a simstick pro, and dont want to have to buy more)

So what are the pin-outs for the phoenix-jack to servo connector?

And why does simstick exist if this can be done so easily with just an adaptor?
Phoenix is simply looking for a PPM input. For example to use my 8FG it is pin 1 and ground. So since Jeti Rxs output PPM you just make an adapter that has a universal servo plug on it on one end and the Phoenix female jack on the other. You could just cut the wire off too instead of using an adapter, but you would no longer be able to use any other transmitter with Phoenix. I haven't bothered doing it yet because I am still waiting for my radio. The only part I don't know about yet is if the Phoenix adapter will output a high enough voltage to power the Rx. If not I'll just use an old Rx pack or something.

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