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Default Zero at Midstick and 450x

I want to setup my Blade 450x(beastx) for scale flying. I don't fly 3D or sports but my brain is so used to flying with zero at midstick as this gives me equal ascend and descend.
I tried flying 200 size heli using -2,5,10 pitch curve once and was not use to it at all.

Is it possible to setup/fly scale at zero at midstick? Also do I have to change my pitch cure? The Beastx setup regards that you set your heli for zero at midstick.

I am using stock throttle/pitch curve right now on Blade 450x.

0,30,60,60,60/ 100% flat for idle for Throttle curve.
30,40,50,75,100 / Linear for idle for Pitch Curve.

Just started on flying 450 size heli, trying to get use to this size. I'm being performing FFF, circuits and figure 8 on smaller heli no problem for two years. Realized 3D is not for me.
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