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It takes a lot of getting used to. The main benefit is that you have the full range of stick movement to blend and soften the pitch changes from hover to full climb. Not all helicopters will hover at 5 degrees, some take more (heavy scale builds), others will hover at less (chassis only). Use something you are very familiar with to transition from one form of pitch management to the other. It is completely within most pilots' ability to do both provided they fly both on a regular basis. I need to do so for when I do repairs on regular pod and booms so that I don't forget. It has taken me a few months to get familiar with it and to gradually change the curves to put my forward flight at mid stick. A model will use a bit more pitch at hover than in forward flight and although it is subtle, it is there. I am also of the opinion that 3D is not my cup of tea, yet there are still skills to be gained by knowing how to do it. Hope this helps.

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