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Originally Posted by Groucho_ View Post
What I did notice, when comparing to spektrum RXs and SATs, is that the Jeti units do not have any LED on them.

No way to tell that it's receiving power.

It's a bit unnerving at first, especially when you connect it to the PC for an update and you don't see a flashing LED to indicate that the unit is being flashed... Just something I'm used to with other flashable devices...
I don't consider that much of an issue in the big picture.

Most of the time that DSMX LED doesn't convey any really useful information.

With the Jeti receiver/transmitter you get a much more detailed indication of how strong your receiver connection is than you get from a Spectrum satellite.

1. First the transmitter lets you know when the receiver is bound.
2. Then the transmitter gives you a 5 bar graphical signal strength indicator.
3. The transmitter can display in real time which of its two transmitters are talking to the reciever and give you a numeric signal strength indication.
4. If the signal strength from the receiver is getting low, the transmitter lets you know about it.

With the Spektrum system the only feedback you have is whether the model is responding to you when you do something at the transmitter. Otherwise neither my DX8 or JR11X gave me any indication of whether the signal was low or not.
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