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Originally Posted by Keyrigger View Post
I am now starting to work on the shut-down of the helicopter and the zero pitch in Normal mode plays an important roll in this. For the longest time, I have been using Throttle Hold to shut the heli down and it causes a "jump" as the motor is suddenly killed so there is a sudden change in torque, which makes the tail swing to the right. Now, I come in, land and lower the pitch to just below take-off pitch, which tends to keep the helicopter planted. Now, once the heli is solidly on the ground, I switch to Normal mode and lower the throttle and what a great look and sound it gives to the shut-down sequence with no sudden torque turn of the tail. Take care.

Hey Don, I was looking at your numbers. I have a DX6i so I only have two flight settings 0 and 1. I use 0 as normal. I was told to have at least -2 on my pitch to make the bird come down if needed. I found at the scale weight I dont need it so my low stick is 0 pitch, mid stick set for hover and high stick is max +. I have my thro at 90% flat. I have both 0 and 1 set this way. I use TH to shut down and have had no problem. I do have different DR/Expo settings between 0 and 1. I realy like this setup. I had some planes many years ago. The radios of today just blow me away with all they can do. Change a setting in a sec. or two and if you dont like it change it again and settings are pretty much endless. I remember when the power in the planes for the sevros came from a rubber band and you had to guess at how much time you had with that and your fuel,LOL. I just want to point out that I think to many people get stuck on one setup. Play with those settings and have fun with it. WS
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